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Bumper Deluxe 1.9

Bumper Deluxe is a puzzle game with an original concept, easy to play and fun
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Bumper Deluxe, developed by Funkitron, is a sort of puzzle game with an original concept that is both easy to play, and entertaining.
The goal of the game is to form lines of the same color without filling the whole grid.

The thing is to get the highest score possible, to compete with other players, or to improve your own score. According to the points obtained, you will receive a bronze, silver or gold medal.

Although at first glance Bumper Deluxe seems too easy, in practice you will see it requires quick reflexes and a bit of strategy to organize colors, particularly in the more tricky levels.

You can choose from four difficulty level, easy, normal, difficult and expert. You have also four game modes to play that include Bumper mode, which is the classic and easiest way to play, Real Time, with cars constantly replacing the ones placed in the grid. Challenge mode gives you a number of lines to complete, if you fail, the game is over. Finally, Time Trial Mode challenges you to form as many lines as you can in five or ten minutes.

The interface is really attractive, with lots of bright colors and cool music. In spite of being simple, it is still a good game to give it a try in your free time. It is a game that puzzle fans will surely enjoy.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Entertaining
  • Easy to play
  • Several game modes
  • Nice graphics and music


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